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Lecture on shungit stone. Doctor of technical sciences, Yuri Klavdievich

Foreign scientists are busy studying the unusual properties of shungite. In different cities of the country several shungite dressed rooms were created where health improvement and rehabilitation courses for children and adults are held. Shungite is actively used to increase the crop yield as well as the number of fur-bearing animals and to improve the quality of fur (see article Shungite in fur farming and poultry farming) and in many other areas.

Shungite - The Secret Stone

Adherents of traditional medicine and psychics have taken interest in shungite properties as witnessed by the video posted on our website.

Process of Sawing Shungite

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Shungite Water Purification And EMF Protection!

Many people who are interested in health care and longevity know about the unique properties of Marcial Waters resort, which was founded in the time of Peter the Great. It was on his order that studying of the healing properties of water flowing through the shungite deposits began. This water was used by locals for the treatment of different ailments. In those days, army soldiers carried in their backpacks pieces of shungite and used it to disinfect water in field conditions. Shungite Special properties of the shungite mineral and some other stones have been known to mankind for a long time. In ancient times, when there was no special equipment for diagnosis and treatment, people preferred to use the opportunities provided by nature itself in order to prevent diseases and their treatment.

What is Shungite Water and Рow to Apply