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Please, read this information before ordering!
Minimum order of $50 includes a $10 gift of a 30mm engraved pendant and phone plate.
Various gifts from $55 to $66 to orders of $100 or more each month are automatically added to your cart.

1. Check delivery address twice before payment. We only use the address given in the "delivery address" section when sending your order, we do not use information from the "payment address”. So be careful if the billing address is different from the recipient's address. Check the data before payment.

2. Use only the English alphabet to fill in your full name and shipping address. Do not use special characters or letters. The address may not be recognized correctly and your parcel will not be delivered. If we notice a mistake or if we are in doubt about the correct address, we will contact you by email. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with the correct e-mail address. If you notice a mistake after payment, please contact Nata or Michelle as soon as possible by email or on WhatsApp +79114018707 or +79535317879. We will fix it manually.

3. Order weighs more than 25kg. If your order is heavier than 25kg the system may give an error when calculating delivery. Please contact us to calculate the most favorable and fastest delivery by email or WhatsApp. Provide a full list of items and address as in this example.


Company name:



Zip / code postal:



Mobil phone with country code and email

4. Import tax is not included in the price of the goods. Each country has its own tax rules for importing goods. Please check your country's tax information before ordering. Often the cost of tax depends on the value of the goods.

5. Returning packages. If the buyer refuses to pay the import tax on receipt and the parcel is returned back to us we will calculate the return shipping from the recipient and make a refund less this cost, because in this case we pay double the shipping rate. Due to sanctions, we will not be able to get back orders sent by DHL. If the goods are refused, the shipment will be destroyed.

 If the order has not been received by customer or shipped back like unclaimed, we will pay for returning package too. So, we will make a refund excluding shipping cost in these cases. Or you can order again and we will reship the missing products with your new package. 

6. No cosmetics. Due to the new sanctions, we will no longer be able to import cosmetics from Russia. The website only lists cosmetic products that remain in stock in the USA. Hurry up to buy at a reduced price!

7. Delivery time. We use economy shipping for free shipping of items. Delivery time to Europe and Asia can be 35-45 days. Paid shipping is done by DHL\ USPS \ FedEx courier services. Estimated delivery time is 3-12 days, depending on the region of delivery.

        These estimates do not include customs clearance time. It always depends on the import regulations of the country, and sometimes on the specific customs officer and can take from 1-2 to 14 working days. 
If you do not receive the order in 28 working days, please contact us and we will resolve the problem up to your satisfaction.

8. Priority shipping | fast DHL shipping. You can make a request aboout special fast shipping.You will pay a bit, but save your time and get the order strictly hand to hand. Contact us by email or on WhatsApp +79114018707 or +79535317879. 

We do our best to ship your orders safely and as soon as possible!

Some good words from our cutomers:

Order Processing

  Free Shipping in Europe!               



    Address of our warehouse in Germany:

    Hofmark 13, 82393 Iffeldorf, Germany

    Estimated delivery times:

    Standard Free Shipping method:
    20-41 working days.

    The estimates do not include the time required for posiible Customs clearance.

    If we don't have the goods you need in stock, we will ship the order directly from Karelia. 

Free Shipping in USA!

Address of our warehouse:

 2950E Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Retail USA: +1(347)7778927. Please call at 9 am-5pm EST

Time of delivery: 3-7 days

Other Countries: Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru can be shipped from USA stock too, shipping cost depends on weight, you will see the price before payment.

 You can check cost of priority mail with our manager:

We have collected for you all the most popular questions about shungite in a special article. F.A.Q.

            We deliver the wholesale orders as our customers want. It can be delivered by truck, air shipping and ocean freight also DHL services. Our packaging girls wrap all veeery carefully, so you will get all in the best condition even if you are on Mars! We help with all customs procedures, documentation and we have a big experience in dealing with exports all over the world, we always find how to make your delivery comfortable, we save your money and nerves.  We are responsible for the quality of the goods and the successful transportation of the cargo and support you at every moment of your ordering process.