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Shungite Rosary

Buddhist shungite rosary (108 beads)

Rosary The rosary is made of natural shungite beads. Bead size: 8mm Beads: 108pcs. Lengh: 33.8inches..

$35.00 $80.00

Christian rosary of  33 beads shungite

Rosary with shungite beads 8 mm - 30pcs, 12 mm - 3 pcs. Shungite rosary is a number of shungite b..

$27.00 $70.00

Muslim prayer beads with tassel 33 beads

Rosary is made of shungite beads. Bead size: 10mm 33 beads. Lengh - 7.87inches (20.8cm). &nb..

$27.00 $60.00

New! Shungite rosary (linked)

Rosary        Shungite rosary is a number of shungite beads fasten by a strand. The use of rosary..

$27.00 $60.00

Shungite rosary with a cross 33 beads.

Bead size: 10mm 12mm. Length about 16cm (6.3inches). Quantity: 33 beads.   &nbs..

$25.00 $54.00

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Shungite Rosary

Shungite is a black rock that externally resembles hard coal. As for its composition and characteristics, the rock is almost similar to graphite and amorphous carbon. The biggest part of this natural rock consists of crystallized carbon (globular, finely dispersed) and fullerene (form of carbon). Carbon takes 93-94 % of the rock, and the rest 3-4 % correspond to oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur compounds and water. Shungite can consist of impurities selenium and nickel in insignificant amounts. The composition of the rock also includes vanadium, wolfram and molybdenum.

Unrivalled Properties of Mineral

The slate had unique properties:

  • adsorption activity: the rock can absorb different elements from the environment;
  • bactericidal action: the mineral can kill pathogenic bacteria and stop the development of them;
  • adhesion: it is easily compounded with different elements;
  • radioscreening action: it reduces the radiation level.

Due to the healing properties and a healing effect on the human body, shungite can truly be called a unique rock. It heals a range of such illnesses and diseases as: diabetes, heart, vascular system, stomach, intestine, upper respiratory tract and liver diseases.

The rock is used to address problems with joints, backbone and skin. The natural rock normalizes the blood pressure, eliminates severe headache, overpowers the chronic fatigue syndrome and lifts the tone of the whole human body.

Shungite Rosaries and Their Impact on Body

Different magical properties are ascribed to shungite. Original accessories that concentrate useful energy flows and clear the aura are made of this slate. Amulets are made of this rock. It is believed that the shungite decorative element can save a person from the dark forces and provide peace of mind. Besides, according to the beliefs, the mineral brings success and good luck with love things.

Rosaries that are used by people meditating and praying play a special role among shungite items. Rosaries resemble necklaces. Classic rosaries are fifty nine beads stringed to a thread, lace or ribbon.

The item made of the slate protects a man from negative electromagnetic radiation that comes from technology used in the house and at work: computers, laptops, TV sets, microwaves, mobile phones and tablets. There is a view that shungit has a special effect on Muladhara chakra and is sensitive to Yin energy.

Amazing Choice of Rosaries in online shop

Online shop presents a wide range of items made of this miraculous mineral:

  • shungiterosarieswithcrosses;
  • shungite rosaries with “tails”;
  • Orthodox rosaries;
  • Buddhist rosaries;
  • shungite rosaries made of 39 polished beads of the size of 8 mm.

Rosaries accumulate mental and verbal human energy, start resonating with the biological field of the human who wears them and have a positive effect on him. In addition, when thumbed through rosaries improve the sensitivity of the fingers, develop concentration of attention and activate receptors connected with functioning of the internal organs in the human body.