ClickCease Christian rosary of 33 beads shungite
  • Christian rosary of  33 beads shungite
  • Rosary with shungite beads 8 mm - 30pcs, 12 mm - 3 pcs.

Shungite rosary is a number of shungite beads fasten by a strand. The use of rosary is widespread when saying prayers in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

It is considered that the importance of using rosaries is in the fact of their accumulating mental, verbal and other types of human energies. With time, rosaries have become an object of power and then, interacting with the owner’s biofield changes its structure into positive.


Simple shuffling of shungite rosary made of shungite normalizes the nervous system, cures depression, insomnia, takes anxiety away; develops accuracy and sensitivity of fingers; the information is very well learnt while telling beads. Moreover, all the organs of human body are connected – shuffling of rosary produces hand massage that activates points connected with various organs of the body.

Shuffling a rosary with the fingers improves attention due to activation of lots of receptors, situated on finger-pads. It relieves the emotional tension, knuckles are being exercised, headache is being cured, and ache of rheumatoid origin goes away.

Efficiency of the rosaries depends on the choice of material. Shungite is the very right stone, as its properties are really unique: due to its unusual structure, shungite is capable of contributing to the man’s biofield, protecting it from the impact of electromagnetic and geopathic emission. Shungite contributes to internals activity and it was known for its properties of water purification even in ancient times.

Shungite rosaries perfectly help to cope with serious diseases, such as thyroid gland disorder and with various cardiovascular system deviations.

Shungite rosary, for all its simplicity and low price, is, in fact, a unique remedy for keeping emotional and physical health.

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Christian rosary of 33 beads shungite

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