ClickCease Fraction of shungite 1-3mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)
  • Fraction of shungite 1-3mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

Shungite of 1-3 mm fraction is vastly used in water filtration. It is being added into water filters as the main filtering component. To find out more about this click here.

Shungite water perfectly interacts with alkaline water too. To find out how to prepare alkaline water click here.

 To drink high quality water every day, use a Natural Water filter. With a Natural Water filter, you can make natural structured water.

 It is also used in agriculture. Thanks to the feeding of mineral shungite soil enriched with the required number of trace elements that promote plant growth and development - potassium, cobalt, copper, phosphorus, nickel, vanadium and zinc, as well as calcium and magnesium.

Shungite dressing loosens the soil to promote the flow of water to plant roots, and air.

Fertilizing Shungite, thanks to black color, improves control of the thermal regime of soil. By absorbing sunlight during the day, at night shungite return his land.

Shredded shungite improves soil properties and increases plant resistance to disease.

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Fraction of shungite 1-3mm 800 gr (1.8 lb)

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