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Since you are viewing this page, you may have questions regarding the quality of your tap water!

A zeolite is a natural mineral with a porous structure. An aluminosilicate mineral, it is a great absorbent.

What can you do if your tap water is of poor quality?

The easiest way to disinfect tap water is by boiling. It kills bacteria, however it also increases the concentration of nitrates.

Moreover, tap water contains chlororganic and inorganic compounds which cannot be degraded by boiling.

In addition, precipitation of such essential elements as calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), fluoride (P) and other dissolved elements occurs as a result of boiling, and their deficiency causes the body to function differently.

Luckily, there is an alternative solution – water purification with zeolites. A zeolite is a natural mineral which can decrease elevated levels of nitrates, chlorides, residual aluminum and other contaminants in tap water due to its adsorption properties.

Zeolites are widely used to effectively remove microorganisms from tap water, including enteroviruses.

You will likely ask, “How does it happen?”

Zeolites have a porous structure. The size of each pore is about 2-15 Angstrom units which prevents them from entering into ion-exchange reactions with amino acids and vitamins. Exchange reactions occur only with small ions of micro and macro elements and compounds (hydrogen sulfide, methane, heavy metals, radionuclides).


What are the advantages of zeolites?


1. Zeolites are a pure and cheap absorbent;


2. They remove organic impurities and soluble compounds, while reducing the concentration of heavy metals;


3. They improve the efficiency of water coagulation by 30%;


4. High catalytic activity. Unlike synthetic absorbents, zeolites react only with harmful elements, while preserving the water’s useful amino acids and vitamins.


How to use zeolites?

It’s very simple. To purify tap water,

1. Rinse uncut zeolites until the rinsing water runs clear;

2. Boil for 10-20 minutes;

3. Put into a glass jar and fill the jar with tap water (200-250 grams of zeolites per 3 liters of water);

4. You can start drinking your zeolite-purified water in about 3 hours.

How effective are zeolites?

With natural zeolites, you can remove ions of iron, cobalt, magnesium, copper, cadmium, zinc, nickel and other metals from tap water as well as organic impurities and oil products. 

Water purification with zeolites

Harmful elements (5-10) Maximum permissible concentration

Degree of extraction, %

1. Pesticides


2. Nitrites


3. Nitrates


4. Chloride-ion


5. Phenols


6. Total  iron


7. Fluorides


8. Lead


9. Strontium-90


10. Cesium 134 and 137


11. Plutonium


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