ClickCease Shungite back pad for spine bone
  • Shungite back pad for spine bone

The pad is recommended for the spinal traumas.

The weight is about 450-500gr (1,06 pounds).

The shungite back pad was developed specially for people suffering the backaches. It both releases pain syndrome and helps to get rid of different chronic diseases.

Recommendations for use

The shungite back pad is mentioned for acute and chronic spine and vertebral muscles disorders. Good results and stable effect are achieved for osteochondrosis, myoneuralgia, lumbago, radiculitis, trapped cervical and subscapular nerves.

The pad is recommended for the spinal traumas and pains arising after lifting some heavy things or jerks.

Shungite chips help your neck and spinal muscles to relax after a long-time tension (e.g. after many-hours-long work at the computer or after wearing a heavy bag over one shoulder).

Even if you don't feel any severe pain symptoms the shungite back pad relieves your emotional stress and helps you to recover after a hard working day.



Buy the shungite back pad right now and say good-bye to your diseases and chronic fatigue forever!

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Shungite back pad for spine bone

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