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Shungite mat Size: 30x50 cm (11,8 x19,68 inches). Weight: 350-400g (0,84 pounds).

A shungite mat is a great remedy for lots of diseases that is always within your reach. If you test the extraordinary properties of shungite once, you’ll get immediately the reason why it is called the magic non-earthly mineral.

Shungite: your health keeper!

This mineral has a favorable effect over the human body condition, stops the inflammatory processes, relieves pains, cleans and revitalizes your nervous system.

You can apply the shungite mat to the sore areas on your body, put it under your feet or seat on it. Anyway, the treatment effect will be much higher than if you use ordinary shungite items like pyramids, statuettes, etc.

The only shungite deposit where this unique mineral is mined in its pure form is in Karelia on the shore of Lake Onega. You can hardly find any accurate information about the origin of this geological formation but there is a hypothesis about its non-earthly nature as carbon in the form that exists in shungite can’t be found anywhere on our planet. Shungite didn’t turn into diamond or graphite; it just gained its healing effect as if it were an envoy from some other world that was able to help a human being to become healthier, get the better balance of mind and inner harmony.

Easy to use and having a terrific effect!

Shungite is really an extraordinary mineral: it’s a mysterious black gem which is capable of eliminating anything causing harm to our body and multiply, concentrate and recover everything that is useful for it. Shungite therapy overdosing is impossible: absolutely healthy people can use this mat without any worries and concerns. As for a list of ailments and diseases this magic mineral from Karelia can cope with, it’s quite long and impressive:

  • Musculoskeletal system disorders (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spinal disk herniation, radiculitis, arthrosis, arthritis, etc.);
  • Medical diseases (cholecystitis, nephrolithiasis, GIT diseases, hemorrhoid, etc.);
  • Genitourinary system disorders (prostatitis, adenoma, agenesia, sexual disorders, etc.);
  • Varicosity;
  • Decrease in immunity, general fatigability, depressions;

and lots of other medical problems.

Intensive blood flow, metabolic processes activation, less tissue puffiness and pain relief can be observed in the area of the contact of your skin and the shungite mat. The regular use of this mat results into better general physical and mental state for weather sensitive people, higher vital energy level, vivacity and good spirits. Only 2-3 sessions of 20-40 minutes a day will be of an invaluable advantage for you.

Order a therapeutic shungite mat right now and get rid of your pains, bad temper and apathy for years ahead!

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Shungite mat

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