ClickCease Shungite Massage Pencil one-sided, polished
  • Shungite Massage Pencil one-sided, polished

Length: 90 mm Diameter: 18 mm Weight: 40 gr. 

Massage pencil

Nowadays, the wonder healing properties of shungite, the enigmatic natural mineral that has been known since the ancient times, are actively used in different fields of medicine. Specialists prefer shungite pencils for acupuncture treatment sessions, massage and crystal therapy.


Why is shungite so valuable?

Karelian nature has always been generous of unique gifts. Local shungite deposits are one of such really royal gifts for people as these fields are the only in the world where this unusual mineral of rich black color can be found in pure form. The old-timers of Karelia say that “shungite heals a hundred diseases and ailments.” And everyone can recollect a dozen of stories about this ordinary-looking mineral that managed to improve his or her grandpa’s or great-grandpa’s health.

The receipts of shungite balmy liquors and potions have been passed on from generation to generation here. Local inhabitants knew how to heal all kinds of maladies and diseases with “black stone water” or make you feel like new after you walk barefoot on the mineral gravel or chips.

There is one interesting well-known historical fact about the important contribution of this “plain” mineral from Karelia into the defeat of the Swedish forces in the Battle of Poltava in 1709. On the eve of that battle, the greater part of the Sweedish troops was neutralized by a sudden epidemic dysentery that broke out due to the terrible heat and dirty water. And Russian soldiers had to suffer from that disease too but for a piece of shungite in dixy that everyone had with him. The water the Russian soldiers drank from their bowls helped to kill all the malignant bacteria and brought victory in that critical historic moment.

The key mystery and the reason of these unique shungite features is the content of a specific carbon form – fullerene that the English scientists managed to synthesize with great difficulty at the end of the previous century. That was a real breakthrough that provided new exciting perspectives in the many fields of the life of the mankind. And medicine was the first of them as fullerenes are the strongest antioxidants that have ever been known. Moreover, there are two types of fullerenes in Karelian shungite: C60 and C70!

There are reliable facts that shungite can “tune” our body for correct functioning, heal lots of diseases and protect from electromagnetic radiation.


Massage shungite

If you consider the extraordinary characteristics of this mineral you’ll hardly ever find the better tool to influence the human bioactive points and launch the recovery processes than shungite pencil.

The massage pencil affects the skin and active points mildly and carefully and thus has a healing and tonic effect on them relieving pain in the problem areas and helping to restore the balance in the human body and stop inflammatory processes.

Irrespective of your age, sex and health condition, everyone can buy a shungite massage pencil as it is extremely simple to use, universal and absolutely safe. If you entrust this magic gem with your health you’ll feel healthy, get rid of your inveterate diseases, get the powerful energy boost for long productive and active life!

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Shungite Massage Pencil one-sided, polished

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