Shungite hand cream for dry skin

Shungite hand cream for dry skin
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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The meticulously unique cream moisturizes to the maximum and quickly restores dry, scaly and aging skin of hands, leaving it soft and smooth.

                Silk proteins deeply moisturize, nourish and support instant healing of microcracks.

                Rosehip Oil white nourishes the skin with vitamins, has a restorative effect, increases the elasticity of the skin, eliminates irritation and dryness, protects against UV rays.

                Karelian Shungitehas a strong antioxidant effect, nourishes skin cells with essential trace elements and accelerates the regeneration process.

Without mineral oils, no dyes, no alcohol.

How to use:

                Apply on dry and clean skin with gentle movements. Massage unless completely absorbed.

Volume: 75 ml