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Harmonizers of Shungite

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Harmonizers of Shungite

If you look at the images depicting any of the Egyptian pharaohs sitting on the throne, in their hands you can see something like wands. As it turned out, these are ancient harmonizers made of copper and zinc alloys and filled with magnetized metals.

How the harmonizer works

The action of harmonizers from shungite is based on the magnetic properties of minerals. They are used to:

  • To correct human energy field;
  • Charge the body with energy,
  • Relieve stress and tension.

These items are characterized by their gentle actions and are valued for their universality, since their properties positively influence the functions of the organism as a whole.

Harmonizers from shungite work in pairs. For a positive effect on the human body the magnetic properties of shungite and other healing stone are used. Often the second one is a French chalk or a soapstone.

As is known, the human body has two sides - the moon and the sun side. One of the harmonizers (shungite one) refers specifically to the side of the moon, so it should be held with the left hand. The second harmonizer should be held with your right hand.

Scientists engaged in bioenergetic research state that a shungite harmonizer can create around its owner a magnetic field that acts as a shield against negative energy. In addition, it activates the special points on the human body that have biological activity. This allows people to get rid of headaches, relieve stress, and be in a tonus. In addition, shungite harmonizers are recommended to patients with sleep disorders, hypertension and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The way harmonizers work

These amazing items can be used in the following cases:

  • When working in conditions of harmful ecology - in order to balance harmful effects;
  • To relieve constant state of stress and psychological load - in order to relax and relieve fatigue;
  • With brain diseases, neurosis, in case of poor blood circulation in the brain, in case of problems with peripheral nervous system;
  • In the complex treatment of weakened immunity.

Contraindications on the use of harmonizers from shungite - pregnancy, mental illness and age of up to 12 years.

Often, shungite harmonizers are made in the form of smooth balls that can fit into hand. They have a positive effect on the condition of the muscles and joints of the hands and are used in case of:

  • Hand overloads (in musicians or athletes);
  • Using crutches or walking sticks daily for easy walking;
  • Muscles atrophy prevention, in order to keep hands young and painless.

In the complex treatment of arthritis and rheumatic disease, you can use the shungite harmonizer for exercise. Shungite balls are manipulated in the process of rehabilitation after arm fractures to quickly restore their functions.

Features of using shungite harmonizer

When using this tool, the following rules must be observed. Hands shouldn’t be crossed. You need to hold the balls or cylinders in your hands, putting the hands on your knees so that the parts of the harmonizer are in parallel. Then relax as much as possible, drive away all disturbing thoughts and sit for a few minutes.

The effect after this procedure usually lasts at least 24 hours. The harmonizer can not be used for more than two weeks in a row. Then it is necessary to take a two or three-week break. Small harmonizers from shungite can be carried in a pocket.