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Power lines, powerful radio transmitting appliances cause EMI that greatly exceeds the prescribed limit. To protect the human body, special health standards have been developed, including those forbidding the construction of residential and other buildings near an EMI area.

The sources of low-level EMI that is active for a long time are often more dangerous. Audio- and video-equipment as well as household appliances are among such sources. Cell phones, microwave ovens, computers and TV sets most significantly affect the human body.


Cell phones and microwave ovens have a short average active period ranging from one to seven minutes; TV sets do not cause a substantial damage, as they are usually located at a distance from the viewers. The problem of the EMI emitted by personal computers is particularly acute due to the following reasons:

  1. A computer has two sources of EMI (monitor and system unit).
  2. A personal computer user is practically unable to work at a distance.
  3. Long-term exposure.

Apart from that, there are a few secondary factors, which aggravate the situation; these include working in a cramped unventilated room and a great number of PCs in one place.

Tablets and cell phones, especially their chargers, as they do not have any special protective cover, emit the most powerful EMI.

The increased EMI substantially affect human health. Having worked a lot on the computer consistently for a few days, people feel tired, become extremely irritable, often answer questions curtly, and feel the need to lie down.

Video game consoles, which are connected to a TV set, may have consequences that are more serious. The main problem is that TV sets produce strong powerful electromagnetic fields, but children (the main users of video game consoles) cannot move a sufficient distance away from the screen because of short cords, furniture arrangements, or because the image on the screen simply becomes too small. After five-eight hours spent in front of such a TV set, which is not uncommon for many families, a child may get a fever with a rapidly rising temperature and a headache. In this case, the child should be immediately removed from the EMI area, preferably outside. The symptoms disappear quickly once the exposure stops.

EMI changes the aero ion environment at the workplace by filling the air with positively charged ions. These ions are harmful to people; therefore, the room should be aired regularly, but the best solution can be found in placing some absorbing material like shungite in the workplace. Today there are many shungite products: pyramids, spheres, cubes, pedants, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as building mixtures for constructing shungite rooms. Shungite is a material that absorbs EMI.

As far as the impact of EMI is concerned, the immune, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems are most affected.

The immune system starts releasings maller amountsof protective enzymes, thereby undermining the cell-mediated immunity.

The endocrine system starts releasing into the blood bigger amounts of adrenaline and consequently the load on the cardiovascular system increases. Then, the blood becomes thickened, thereby causing the undersupply of oxygen to the cells.

Moreover, a long-term exposure to EMI results in a reduced sexual attraction to the opposite sex, which is partly due to a mere tiredness and changes in the way the endocrine system works, and sexual potency declines.

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The changes happening in the nervous system are visible to the naked eye. Asalreadymentioned, symptomsofdisorders may include irritability, fatigue, memory problems, sleep disorders, tension, and fussiness.

That was the outline of the effects of EMI. As for protection measures, they include regular walks outdoors, airing of rooms, doing sports, observing basic rules of work with the sources, using either special reflecting material such as a metallic net or absorbing materials such as shungite.

Stay well, dear friends!