ClickCease Protection of Electronics from EMP

Protection of Electronics from EMP

What is EMP?

Whenever electric current flows through wires, it generates electric and magnetic fields, the direction of which is perpendicular to the current flow. The magnitude of these fields is proportional to the electric charge. The length of a wire directly influences the intensity of the current of an induced EMP. Besides, even powering up any electrical appliance can lead to a short burst of electric and magnetic energy.

For example, switching operations in electrical circuits, motors and ignition systems for gas engines also produce electromagnetic pulses that can cause interference for nearby radio communication and telecommunication systems, as well as have negative effects on human health. In order to absorb them, it is possible to use filters and various materials that absorb electromagnetic radiation and eliminate insignificant energy bursts and interference caused by them.

A powerful burst of energy happens when a certain electric charge is discharging quickly. An EMP can shock a person or cause hazardous sparks around fuel vapors. As many of us remember our childhood, we would rub our feet against a carpet and then touch the friends next to us, thereby creating an electric discharge. This is also one of the forms of EMP.

The stronger the pulse energy is, the bigger damage it can cause to buildings and the human body. For example, lightning is a powerful form of EMP. This massive electrostatic discharge may be very dangerous and have catastrophic effects. Fortunately, lightning is mostly terminated on the ground, where the electric charge is absorbed. The lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin, and it is still used to protect many buildings and structures.

Events such as nuclear explosions, high-altitude non-nuclear explosions, and solar storms, as well as high-power consumption appliances can create a powerful EMP, which is detrimental to the electrical and electronic equipment and people located near the source. All this poses a threat to the normal functioning of electric grids and many electronic devices, as well as our lives.


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Effects of EMP

The threats posed by EMP are explained by the fact that it has destructive effects on life-support services and transport. Therefore, in case of exposure to a powerful EMP, modern unprotected motor vehicles break down. This is particularly relevant for the vehicles manufactured after 1980. Thus, in case of a technological disaster, military operations or surges in solar activity, it is recommended to use shielding or absorbing materials.

Apart from that, EMP affects:

  •     Computers;
  •     Display devices;
  •     Printers;
  •     Routers;
  •     Transformers;
  •     Electrical generators;
  •     Landline phones;
  •     Electronic circuits;
  •     TV sets;
  •     Radio, DVD players;
  •     Gaming devices;
  •     Media centers, etc.


Factors Affecting the Impact of EMP

  • Strength of an incoming EMP;
  • Distance from the source of a pulse;
  • Angle between the strike line and your location on the rotating Earth;
  • Size and shape of objects that receive and collect EMP;
  • Degree of isolation of appliances and devices from the objects that can collect and transmit EMP energy;
  • Protection or shielding of appliances and devices.

General Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

The following protective measures are suggested;

  • Turn off electronic devices when not in use;
  • Turn off electrical appliances when not in use;
  • Do not leave equipment such as printers and scanners on standby;
  • Use short cables for work;
  • Connect all ground wires to one ground point;
  • Use shungite pyramids, spheres, and cubes to protect electronics against EMPs;
  • Ensure the overall protection of the premises (for example, by covering the walls with a shungite building mixes);
  • Keep sensitive appliances and devices far away from long cable runs or wiring, antennas, guy wires, metal towers, corrugated metal, steel fences, railway lines;
  • Install cables under the ground in shielded conduits;
  • Construct one or two shungite rooms;
  • Attach a protective shungite plate to your cell phones and tablets

The system of protection should be well-thought-out in advance. For example, a standby generator is not likely to be damaged by a solar storm, but an EMP may damage sensitive electronic controllers so that shungite shielding is considered practical.


How to build a shungite room

A shungite room can be constructed with the use of a shungite building mixes and shungite tiles without any special arrangements at home. Any room will do, if it has a continuous surface without gaps and bigholes.

Install shungite tile small interior wall soft he room in such a way that the content does not get in contact with metal. In addition, you can treat the walls with a special building mixture beforehand. All the appliances located inside should be isolated from everything and particularly external metal components.

Instead of an afterword

If a warning about an EMP has not been received, but you see a bright flash followed by a power blackout, proceed at your own discretion. You never know in advance how large and dangerous a possible EMP can be, with some types reaching the area of 1000 km. Nevertheless, precautionary measures enable us to see how likely we are to survive a high-energy EMP.