ClickCease Shungite EMF Protection!

Shungite EMF Protection!



Absolute electro-magnetic screen

If all the power stations and satellite repeaters suddenly stop working, the human civilization will cease to exist in its present form in a few days. People can’t do without household electrical appliances, office equipment, computers, electrical transport, mobile phones and other comforts anymore. Technogenic generation suffers regular stress, chronic fatigue and all kinds of diseases caused by advanced technology. That’s the influence of electromagnetic field we live in all the time. International research teams work on this topical problem and invent different complicated appliances. But the solution has already been found! Shungites is a natural geomagnetic material with a strong screening effect neutralizing high frequency and microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation. This small light pyramid you can carry with you everywhere or just have it on the table is much more effective in extinguishing potentially dangerous waves than patented magnetic plates or concentrators.


Inexhaustible source of vitality

Shungite pyramids are recommended to be put in the places where you spend the most part of the day. They create harmonic environment in the crowded areas: people’s behavior magically changes as they become less irritated and discontent, their working efficiency grows.

Shungite pyramids are strongly recommended for active PC users. Lots of us spend the most part of our life in front of the monitor without realizing the cause of hyper-fatigue, nervousness, memory impairment or smarting eyes. And that’s again electromagnetic radiation. The pyramid with dull black face luster can bring down the negative background to the comfortable level. It will generate energizing and toning up high power flows.

Drivers can enjoy special auto-pyramids. A small figure placed on the dashboard can relieve nervous tension and naturally intensify your concentration capabilities to the maximum. People that have to spend much time driving make a high-risk group as fatigue and short-time loss of concentration often cause road accidents. But absolutely supernatural things can happen on even and straight motorways: drivers feel as if they are suddenly attacked by some unfathomable force that causes acute headache, fast heartbeat, fear and sudden weakness. The car must be going through a geopathic area that can’t be specified without special equipment. Experimental evidences prove that a shungite pyramid creates a reliable barrier for dangerous geomagnetic flows and can save the driver’s and passengers’ life.



Structured water

The pyramid can be used to get clear and healing fresh water. The natural absorbent consumes all the harmful contaminants from the tap water and saturates it with revitalizing macro- and micro-elements in ideal concentration. Bactericidal and antioxidant properties of the cut stone are really unique. The shungite pyramid structures the water and turns it into universal magic medicine that prevents the virus infections and allergies, relieves pains, reinforces the immune system, revitalizing and rejuvenating all the body systems.

The method of structured aqua vita formation is quite simple: just place the pyramid into the water container for 12 hours. Unlike other “magic” appliances and magnetic activators, this Karelian mineral never loses its power. Wash it in running water no more than once a month, dry it in the sun and then reuse it. That’s how the water crystals look like after the shungite pyramid application.

How does the shungite pyramid influence the plant growth?

The shungite pyramid has one more magic property: it favours the plant growth. Simpleamateurexperimentsproved: charged seedlings watering gave amazingly strong and viable plants. Asmallfigureinaflowerpotproduceda breathtaking effect: a young plant turned into a luxurious bush with large leaves in three months.

Experiencedfarmers say that if you shungite water the plants they grow much faster. Those who have ever tried to place crushed shungite in the root area had the record-breaking harvest. Thematteris that this mineral fertilizer decontaminates the soil saturating it with nutrients. And even if you just place the shungite pyramid by the houseplant you can watch a real miracle: the plants perceive the revitalizing stone energy intensified by the ideal shape like a powerful biological stimulant!

You can find voluminous monographs about this Karelian mineral but only some of its mysteries have been discovered so far. Scientistssaythatshungite-basedmedications can be developed in the nearest future that will rescue the mankind from viruses, malignant tumors and aging problems. And who knows, shungite pyramid may be that very elixir that mediaeval alchemists were never to create.