Rubber industry

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In rubber industry:

  • Shungite replaces silicon dioxide.
  • Shungit replaces low-active and semi-active  carbon black.
  • Improvement of technological properties of rubber mixes (viscosity according to Mooney, resistance to premature curing, rheological properties).
  • Improvement of ability of rubber mixes to processing (decrease in formation of a crumb and sagging on rollers in comparison with  carbon black and silicon dioxide).
  • Shungite rubbers possess the improved dynamic properties - resistance to growth of cracks at a bend with a puncture lowered by heateducation at a sign-variable bend, dynamic endurance at angular rotation.
  • Shungite rubber filling considerably increases them thermo - and fire resistance.
  • Application of shungite allows to create high-filled (400 mass parts of shungite on 100 mass parts of rubber) rubbers with unusual properties - high hardness and crash-worthiness, an conductivity and antifrictional properties.
  • Shungite it is easily entered into rubber in the course of mixing, less energy consumption for distribution in polymer demands.
  • Application of shungite allows to improve a sanitary-and-hygienic situation at the enterprise since shungite raises dust, less silicosis hazardous less.
  • Shungite can be applied in rubber industry to production of tires, rubber-technical products and rubber footwear.
  • Introduction in economic circulation of shungit will allow to reduce volume of "dirty" technologies of receiving fillers for rubbers - silicon dioxide and carbon black