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Spheres of use of shungite:
  • Coke substitute by production of foundry cast iron;
  • Replacement of coke and slag prompting in blast furnaces (when smelting reefficient cast iron);
  • Complex substitute of coke and quartzite in electrometallurgy of ferroalloys;
  • Complex substitute of coke and quartzite in electrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals (Ni, Cu, With);
  • Coke substitute in plaintive masses;
  • Shikhta for production of silicon carbide materials;
  • Shikhta for production of silicon nitride materials.
When smelting foundry cast iron the ton shungite with the content of carbon of 30 % replaces 0,9-1,2 tons of coke, or 1 kg of shungite carbon replaces 3-4 kg of coke carbon.
At domain melting of reefficient cast iron the factor of replacement of coke shungite much lower and averages 0,5.
However when using shungit when smelting reefficient cast iron ability to synthesize in temperature conditions of a blast furnace carbide of silicon is shown and to besiege it on furnace walls in the lower part of a horn, creating protection and increasing furnace service life.

When smelting ferroalloys the factor of replacement of coke the shungity made 0,5 t/t. Increase of productivity of the furnace (for 3 %) and decrease in an expense of the electric power (on 2,7 %) is noted.
In a pirometallurgiya of tsverny metals use shungite allowed to reduce an expense coke and sandstone to increase process of receiving metals of raw materials, to lower an electric power expense.