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Shungite Oriental Bracelet double row (beads inside)

Shungite Oriental Bracelet double row (beads inside)Size: adjustable 19-20cm. Please inform us what ..

$20.00 $56.00

Shungite oriental bracelet Keeper with cube beads 10mm (only from Russian stock)

Size adjustable is about 18.5-20,5cm. This new bracelet is available in Russia only now.  We wi..

$14.00 $28.00

Shungite oriental Bracelet Protection

Bracelet Protection  with shungite bead 12 mm ..

$10.00 $20.00

Shungite oriental Bracelet Success

Bracelet Success with 12 mm shungite bead..

$10.00 $20.00

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Shungite Bracelets

Shungite has a beneficial effect on the entire human body, it is useful not only to drink water purified with shungite, place pyramids of this material at home or at work, but also to buy original shungite accessories. One of the most successful options are bracelets made of shungite, as they can be combined with almost any clothing style.

How they affect the body

We offer our customers bracelets exclusively from this natural stone, no substitutes or plastic beads. If desired, we provide additional photographs of jewelry so you can be sure of their quality and authenticity.

Shungite bracelets should be worn constantly, especially if you work at the computer or other equipment that radiates harmful electromagnetic rays. Long wearing of such an ornament on the hand allows you to see the long-awaited effect:

  • Balance of the general energy background;
  • Release of tension from the hands even after a long working day;
  • Balancing the work of the nervous system;
  • Stabilization of the cardiovascular system.

Such accessory can be worn both the elderly and young people - they share positive energy only. With their help, it is really possible to attract happiness, prosperity, wealth and love in your life, as you will be protected from the harmful effects of geopathic rays.

The healing properties of bracelets from shungite

This stone is really endowed with unique abilities - the owners of this accessory can immediately feel the positive influence. This is logical, because shungite instantly aligns your biofield, creating reliable protection against negative external geopathogenic effects.

In addition, shungite bracelets feature:

  • Bactericidal properties;
  • The properties of an amulet to attract love, wealth, and luck in your life;
  • Assistance in cold treatment in children and adults;
  • Properties to cope with asthma, seasonal allergies.

Your skin will be improved a lot after you start wearing a bracelet: shungite helps restore the natural beauty of the skin, complexion and tone; it completely removes rashes and various dermatological problems.

Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are well known - such bracelets should be worn in deep wounds therapy or after surgeries, as they help to restore the health faster.

How to choose a bracelet

This accessory can be a perfect gift for your loved ones - strict black color and restrained design allow combinштп it with official and casual clothing. On the website there are regular bracelets on an elastic band made of shungite beads, as well as Shambhala bracelets: beads are interwoven with each other and create a beautiful style. You are sure to find a suitable option for yourself.

Such an accessory will suit both men and women - no one can guess that it acts not only as an accessory, but also as a protection. Also, bracelets from shungite create excellent protection against negative thoughts of strangers, they will no longer be able to affect your psyche or overall physical condition.

All detailed information about the accessory, the methods of payment and delivery to your place, you can find out in the phone talk with our managers - all the contacts are listed on the site. We accept both wholesale and retail orders - just add the item or items in the cart and submit the order. We will immediately contact you to check the shipping information. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase a unique piece of shungite jewelry at a very attractive price.