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Friday, 02 October 2015 16:54

A Change In The Energy State Shungite Room

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The experiment involved 10 subjects who undergone a shooting of 10 fingers in a static modewith and without filter. GDV-grams were shot in the background and immediately after 30 minutes of staying in the shungite room (premises processed with magnesium-shungite construction materials).


Drinking water was also examined with a different impact of shungite solids on it. Water was shot on the syringe unit.


Shooting was done on the GDV device - camera by Prof. Korotkov K.G.



The GDV methodis computer registration and analysis of the luminescence induced by objects, including biological, when stimulated by an electromagnetic field with amplification in gas discharge.


Parameters of gas discharge image depend on the properties of the object under examination and thus, by analyzing the nature of the luminescence induced by the objects, it is possible to judge the energy state of an object at a particular point. The method is based on the well known Kirlian effect (high frequency shooting).

Shooting Procedure:


  • Statics with filter;
  • Statics without filter;
  • Shooting of all 10 fingers;
  • Shooting series for each person;
  • Background — shooting before impact;
  • Shooting after impact.




  • Person — staying in the shungite room for 30 minutes.
  • Water – being in the shungite room for 30 minutes






Immediately after being in the shungiteroom, the activation level normalizes. Figure 1 shows the diagram of the activation index, which shows that all values tend to get into the norm corridor (norm corridor for the index activation is taken from 2 to 4 pieces and highlighted in green).




Pic. 1 The first column is background

The second column is after staying in the shungite room


No.1 Votinova



No.2 Kireeva



No.3 Krasnoselsky



No.4 Morozov



No.5 Steshenko



No.6 Alexandr



No.7 Vladimir



No.8 Dmitry



No.9 Ivanovich



No.10 Marina




Here are the results of calculations under the people involved in the experiment. It may be noted that in regard to all participants of the experiment (except for two), staying in the shungite room leads to a more intense and uniform color distribution, increased area of luminescence evenly across the line from 1 to 5 percent.


Subject: Votinova


Measurement Chart of Normalized Areas under Sectors


Before impact

Red color with filter

Blue color without filter


After impact

Red color with filter

Blue color without filter


Distribution of Luminescence Intensity without Filter


Background Value (Before Impact)             After Impact


Water change


The graph shows the total summary of area-time dependences:

From the bottom upwards:


  • Water prior to placement in a room with shungite;
  • Water after soaking a shungite pyramid in it;
  • Water after soaking shungite ball in it;
  • Water after soaking shungite cube in it;
  • Water after being in the room with shungite during the day.


Main water was used.


The conclusion to the first experiment:


After the solutionshad been processed (main water and mineral water of SvyatoyIstochnik brand) in the shungite room, their characteristicschanged. The data correlate with previous experiments: in regard toSvyatoyIstochnik the delta difference is greater than in regard to the water.


Comparing the two solutions, water with a shungite pyramid and main water,it can be concluded that these solutions have similar properties in studying the GDV method.


Other information:

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