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Friday, 04 December 2015 11:58

Materials to Protect Yourself Against RF Electromagnetic and Magnetic Fields (Electromagnetic & Magnetic Shields)

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To be used in:

  • Electronics;
  • Energy sector;
  • Construction;
  • Medicine.



  • Shielding of residential and non-residential properties;
  • Shielding of transformer stations;
  • Setting up magnetically shielded rooms in research centers;
  • Shielding of power cables, power cable production;
  • Shielding of boxes for biomedical studies;
  • Welding Safety clothing.

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Intended purpose:

  • Protection of electronics, computers, precision instruments, and people against RF electromagnetic and magnetic fields.      

Magnetic Field Shielding


This kind of shielding is used to protect people and sensitive elements of electronics from the effect of magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are absorbed by shungite objects and prevented from entering or leaving a closed space.

Such shields include shungite pyramids, cubes and spheres, as well as specially treated shungite-based construction mixes.

Technical specifications of shungite pyramids, cubes and spheres:

  • Diameter or width – 3 to 30 cm;
  • Carbon content – 20 to 40%;
  • Shielding factor within a 50 – 1000 Hz frequency range* –10 to 1,000.

    * depends on the magnetic field intensity and size of the absorbing material (shungite).


  • Provide better shielding as compared to traditional shielding materials used in the same amount (permalloy, ferrites, etc.)
  • Magnetic shields are easy to use due to their small size and they are less susceptible to mechanical damage.

Electromagnetic Field Shields


Such shields are used to protect devices and people against electromagnetic waves.

These include shungite construction mixes or plates with shungite powder filling.

These can be dry construction mixes or finished solutions in the form of tile.

Plates and construction mixes are available in different sizes and weights.


Better shielding and absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

A wide variety of magnetic field shielding products to choose from, including shungite cubes, spheres and pyramids, as well as shungite-based tile and construction mixes.

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