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Friday, 04 December 2015 11:27

Negative Health Effects of a Wi-Fi Router

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Mass media avoids discussing how Wi-Fi routers impact human health. Nevertheless, the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and home appliances, Wi-Fi routers included, can be considered proven..

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It has been proven in Europe that Wi-Fi and 3G may have negative health effects in people, especially children and youth, and animals. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has advised the Council of Europe to limit the use of Wi-Fi and mobile communication in schools and kindergartens replacing them with wire technology.

Some alerting studies have been conducted in one of the schools of Denmark proving the negative effect of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi operates in a 2.4 GHz range – similar electromagnetic radiation is emitted by wireless phones, microwave ovens, and other home appliances that we use in our everyday life. We should not forget the fact that a 2.45 GHz frequency used in microwave ovens causes friction between the molecules of water, glucose and fat leading to heating. Just imagine what might happen to a human body if it is exposed to 2.4 GHz electromagnetic waves used in wireless local area networks for long periods of time!

It should be noted that information interaction occurs inside our cells at such frequencies. Thus, cells receive information about the structure and composition of tissues, organs and their functions during their growth and fission. Wi-Fi has a chaotic, disorganizing effect on cell renewal and rejuvenescence and, as you know, our cells keep renewing themselves all our life. This gives us the key to understanding the origin of multiple disorders and illnesses currently prevalent in developed countries.

A major difference between Wi-Fi routers from other wireless emitters is their frequency, radius and data-transfer rate. Each of you may estimate the data array coming through one router per day. Within a just few minutes, we download movies, pictures and other data which are virtually transferred by air. It happens due to the Wi-Fi router’s high-frequency radiation which, as you may guess, impacts us as well. Our cells, along with our energy centers, are receivers/transmitters of energy and information at different frequenciesresponding to radiation encountered in the natural environment.

Wi-Fi routers constantly emit radiation. Moreover, people living in apartment buildings are exposed to radiation from multiple emitters installed in their neighbors’ apartments. That being said, it is no surprise that more and more people have their immune system weakened due to having tocontinually struggle with the aggressive external factor. On top of that, the majority of users prefer not to turn their Wi-Fi routers off even at night, when they need to rest and restore their energy. Do you still think it is strange that a lot of people wake up in the morning feeling tired?

Protecting Yourself Against Wi-Fi Radiation

To harmonize the Wi-Fi router that you have in your apartment or house:

- Put a shungite pyramid, sphere or cube near your Wi-Fi router – shungite has been known to absorb harmful electromagnetic radiation.

- Spend as little time within the range of your Wi-Fi router as possible.

- Do not forget to turn off all sources of electromagnetic waves before going to bed.

- Wear a personal protection accessory, such as a shungite pendant, necklace, bracelet, ora key chain, at all times.

If you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from other people’s Wi-Fi routers, help your body withstand it by applying shungite-based construction mixes to your apartment walls.


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