ClickCease Shungite TULIKIVI unpolished tile 9x9cm | LTD Karelian horizon

TULIKIVI unpolished tile 9x9cm

TULIKIVI unpolished tile 9x9cm
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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Tulikivi - stone, known to people thousands of years. In India, ancient Egypt, this natural material properties ascribed to the sacred.

Thanks to the ease of handling, durability, is a wonderful building and facing the refractory material has a high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Latest properties resulted in its use of sunbeds for devices, walls, and in the lining and masonry stoves and fireplaces. Talkohlorit make the best stove material its exceptional properties. It can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ° C, but due to the high specific heat as thermal energy accumulates for a long time and it gives evenly.

For the construction of talkohlorit used in the form of plates, special products, gravel and powder: soapstone bricks used for lining furnaces, including cement. Bricks and boards are also used for lining masonry or stoves, fireplaces, warm for the construction of floors and walls of swimming pools, saunas, residential, soapstone powder, diluted with liquid glass - used as an adhesive for laying of these products. As a filler, the powder will increase the heat resistance of soapstone and hardiness of the special blends. Crushed stone is used to produce heat-resistant concrete and its products for a full or partial replacement of ceramic and refractory bricks in masonry ovens.