ClickCease 100 Tiles tulikivi unpolished 9x9 cm
  • 100 Tiles tulikivi unpolished 9x9 cm

Tulikivi or soapstone has been known to people for thousands of years. In India, ancient Egypt, the properties of this natural material considered sacred.

Tulikivi is a wonderful construction material because it is durable, easily carved and heat resistant. Due to its high heat capacity and thermal conductivity it is used when creating sweating shelves, fireplaces and stoves. Soapstone's special properties make it the “material of choice” for stove construction.  It can withstand temperatures up to 1600 ° C and because of its high thermal capacity, the stone stores heat and then releases it slowly.

In building industry soapstone is used for making flagstones, custom products, crushed stone and powder: soapstone bricks are applied in stove lining including cement kiln. Bricks and flagstones are also used for building or cladding masonry stoves, fireplaces, under floor heating and walls in swimming pools, saunas, houses, soapstone powder mixed with soluble glass is applied as glue for setting the products listed above. As a filler, the powder increases the heat resistance of soapstone and frost hardiness of the special blends. Crushed stone is used to produce heat resistant concrete and its products for a full or partial replacement of ceramic and refractory bricks in masonry ovens.

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100 Tiles tulikivi unpolished 9x9 cm

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