ClickCease 3 Necklaces "The Night"
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Number of beads: 42 
Bead size: 12mm

Length is about 50-51cm (20 inches)

Shungite Necklace


The neck is a very important part of the human body. It is one of the main centers of nodal communications of the whole vascular system. Thyroid gland is also located here. This is an important and very vulnerable organ that is responsible for the entire metabolism, which, in return, is one of the major regulators of all processes taking place in the body.

Shungite beads are in great demand because of their unique properties. This verily magical mineral has many useful features: shungite, due to its unusual structure, protects from the harmful effects of geopathogenic and electromagnetic fields. With its beneficial effect on the body, shungite puts in order the psycho-emotional state: people cease to be nervous, irritable, while getting the long awaited calmness and poise.

Constantly wearing shungite beads has a beneficial effect on people towards the smoothing of general energy background and self-regulation of the entire organism. At work that requires concentration, beads perfectly help to enter the desired operating state. Shungite is recommended for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Wearing of beads is also recommended in case of the vegetative-vascular dystonia and various diseases of the thyroid gland, returning them to normal operation.

Regeneration processes start in all cells of the body when exposed to the products from shungite. It was found experimentally, that by wearing shungite beads on the neck for 10-15 days makes almost all body systems to come back to normal operation through self-regulation. Beads have particularly beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.

The effect of the beads is felt as soon as you put them on yourself. It is recommended to wear shungite beads for 20-30 minutes per day for the first couple of days. Do not forget to wear them in the daytime and to take them off at night.
Beads from a shungite are an effective means of prophylaxis, prevention and treatment of many diseases. Easy to use, schungite beads became very popularity among the people looking to maintain good health.


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3 Necklaces "The Night"

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