ClickCease 3 Pendants "Elite" of mineral shungite (3-5gr)
  • Amulets from elite crystals 98% different shape with waxed poliester rope 80cm (31inches). 

      A particular magical property of this item is enclosed in the word “amulet” itself. Amulets have been in existence as long as humanity itself. Recently there has been a great increase of the popularity of the shungite amulets.

      Amulets worn next to the skin are especially popular – even our remote ancestors used them. People who believe in existence of such phenomena as evil eye and evil curse often wear amulets. In this modern world, amulets are used in order to protect the biofield (karma). Shungite is singled out among various materials for its unique protective properties.

      Human biofield is almost always exposed. Electromagnetic radiance of household appliances and measuring devices greatly affect the human health. Here, the use of shungite as an amulet comes to the rescue. Due to its wonderful ability to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation, this unique mineral reduces the risk of your biofield deformation, keeping your health and psychic in normal state.

      In case of long-term usage of the shungite amuletthe biofield becomes stronger, body energy improves, sleep comes to normal, and nervousness is reduced. When working or being active, man’s efficiency increases, and improves ones attention. Moreover, shungite amulets may ease back and rheumatic pains.

      Shungite is an amazing material. Even our remote ancestors knew about its unique properties. Scientists confirm the unusual protective properties of shungite. This mineral has an unusual structure that helps to neutralize harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation as well as fix the activities of the body system.

      One way or another, shungite amulets accumulate positive human energy, becoming an effective protection.

      Shungite amulets may serve different purposes for its owner: Apart from its main function amulet may serve as protection from harmful external action. Moreover, these amulets, being an unusual accessory, look beautiful.

       There are three types of shungite:

      Type 1 - regular shungite 35-45% carbon content. All pyramids, balls, cubes, beads and chips for water purification are made from this type of shungite. Shungite is a soft stone and can leave black marks; this feature confirms the authenticity of the stone. Polished products must not be wiped with a damp cloth or washed. Wipe with a dry cloth. Unpolished you can rinse to wash off dust from them.
      Type 2 - Petrovsky Shungite. It contains 65% -75% carbon. It is used to purify water and jewelry. But this stone is more expensive and also fragile.

      Type 3 - ELITE shungite is a very fragile stone-crystal with a carbon content of 95-98%. BEWARE! Elite shungite is not possible to be subjected to any treatment - it is a fragile stone that does not hold its shape. The structure is such that it does not make beads, pyramids and other products. It can be purchased as it is.

      Because you would not take big stone in your bag, we recommend combining several small items together. Something like pendant+bracelet+keychain or elite stone in a bag+earrings+necklace.


      Here are the examples of how "Elite" pendants might look like:



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    3 Pendants "Elite" of mineral shungite (3-5gr) 98%

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