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Recommendation on the Use of Alive (Alkaline) Water & Shungite Water to cure oral Herpes

Using shungite water to cure oral herpes


Gargle and wash your nasal cavities with shungite water and then drink half a glass of shungite water. Tear off the blister using a cotton pad soaked in warm shungite water. Apply cotton pads soaked in shungite water to the affected area for 3-5 min. for the next 7-8 days. Tear off the blister on the second and third day if needed until full healing. If you don’t want to tear off the blister, rinse it with shungite water continuously. This way you will avoid the pain of tearing off the blister, however it will take longer to heal.

Recovery can be expected within 3-4 days, which is faster than if treated with medications.
Do not delay your treatment and take your health seriously

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Recommendation on the Use of Alive (Alkaline) Water & Shungite Water to cure Cold / Sore throat

 Shungite water to cure sore throat


If you have a sore throat and feel pain in your throat when you swallow (for instance, at night), gargle with warm shungite water for 1-2 min. Repeat in 1-2 hours (it’s not recommended to postpone the next gargling till morning).

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Recommendation on the Use of Alive (Alkaline) Water & Shungite Water to cure Angina


Gargle with shungite water 5-6 times a day after each meal for three days. The water should be warm. If your disease is characterized by a running nose, wash your nasal cavities with shungite water as well. Have one third of a glass of alive (alkaline) water after gargling. Gargle for at least 1-2 min.

Results & Notes

Can vary from person to person. Your fever is expected to be reduced on the first day of treatment. Full recovery can be expected within 2-3 days (possibly, in one day).

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Truth & Myths About Shungite Water

To figure out how to use shungite for water purification, you should know how shungite water is made and why shungite is used for water purification.


There are several methods of shungite water making:


  1. By infusing shungite sets in water for a certain period of time using different-size containers.
  2. By using shungite water filters.


Well discuss the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the effect of these two water purification methods later in this article. In the meantime, wed like to answer the following question, Why do leading water filter manufacturers use shungite in their tap water filters? The answer is that shungite is an excellent sorbent.

Shungite water filter 2

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Review of a shungite pyramid

Review by Vera Larioshina, hereditary witch, medium,

herbalist, and Tarot expert 



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