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Review by Vera Larioshina, hereditary witch, medium, herbalist, and Tarot expert

Review by Vera Larioshina, hereditary witch, medium, herbalist, and Tarot expert 

Вера Лариошина

         Shungite Pyramid 

         The 10 cm shungite pyramid I have is suitable for the rooms of up to 25 m2. No effect has been observed for the larger rooms. The pyramid clears and ionizes the air, providing a favorable effect over the people with a cold, asthma or allergy. It enhances the owner’s power within the room where the pyramid is kept. People with neurosis and titubations calm down and relax within about 30 minutes after getting into the pyramid field. I wouldn't recommend spending too much time near it, because it may cause a headache and affect your blood pressure. I put the pyramid on my desk 10 to 15 minutes before an appointment with a client and then you should wash it in cold water. I realized it only on the third day of using this pyramid: the problem is it absorbs the clients' negative energy and eventually starts affecting the people that spend a lot of time by it. I would strongly recommend the shungite pyramid for physiologists, esoteric experts, general practitioners and all kinds of medical and social workers that provide consulting services for people. The pyramid protects its owner and the environment from adverse mental effects of the others by absorbing their negative energy: i.e. you can feel safe from the evil eye or other light energetic effects. I don’t consider hexes here as hexes mean a really serious and strong negative effect.  

         The shungite bracelet has a similar effect, but you shouldn't wear it for too long, either! Two to four hours a day for therapeutic purposes would be enough. The shungite bracelet can treat neurosis and stress-related skin diseases. In such cases, you should wear it twice a day: a few hours in the morning and before going to bed. 

         It has a positive general psychological effect helping to relax, calm down and concentrate. 

         The bracelet is obviously beneficial for the nervous and respiratory system disorders. Still, you shouldn’t wear it regularly; a few hours a day would be enough.

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Shungite EMF Protection!

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The enigma of the shungite pyramid

The healing properties of shungite have been known for about five centuries. But it was not until 1998 when a group of British scientists made a sensational discovery that the matrix of this ancient mineral consists of fullerenes, i.e. cosmic globular molecules. One of the most probable hypotheses says that these organic deposits are the result of the impact event when a huge asteroid, a fragment of the planet Phaethon that disappeared 2 billion years ago, hit the Earth. The biggest shungite deposits concentrate on the territory of Zaonezhski peninsular (Karelia, Russia). But pure shungite can be found within the Zazhoginskoye field only. That’s the place where unique whole samples are mined to make exquisite statuettes, talismans, plates and pyramids.

All shungite forms including chips, break stones and the smallest grits have unique properties. But the pyramid-shaped stone becomes incredibly effective. Every person that has this pyramid by him or her for several hours feels peaceful, reposed and extremely vigorous. It can protect us from the negative energy impact and change our perception absolutely. That’s the reason why some esotery specialists perform magic rituals with the shungite pyramids creating success, protection and other egregores. But reliable research sources let us claim that this ancient shape forms a torsional field round it and blocks all the pathogenic rays. Ideal regular pyramid faces intensify the natural energy of the Karelian mineral. It is proved that the positive effect radius of the shungite pyramid is over 5 meters whereas nephrite or quartz pyramids “work” within half a meter only.


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