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After a series of studies that were conducted in Russia and abroad, it is no secret that the electromagnetic radiation emitted around us by numerous household appliances has a very negative effect on the human body.


The most "innocent" effects of prolonged impact of electromagnetic fields on the body are the effect early aging, disorders of brain function, the effects on the cardiovascular system, and many, many more.


On all sides, we have surrounded ourselves with electric appliances, power lines, and radio waves which penetrate the atmosphere, while it has not yet been a long time since humanity began to think about the real effect of these waves on the body.


Research has shown that the most dangerous objects, intensely radiating various electromagnetic waves are: functional television and radio transmitters, microwave devices, radio relay stations, radar stations, cellular base stations, televisions, computers, and access points to wireless networks.


These devices are all around us every day, 24 hours a day, and are constantly affecting our bodies.

At the same time, the nature of the electromagnetic fields is such that today those at risk are not only inhabitants of large cities, but also those who live in villages and small towns. The "fruit" of civilization has penetrated everywhere.

So what’s the solution?

Abandon technological progress and all the benefits of civilization? Go into dense forests and become a hermit? Of course not.

Today, we can surely say that the problem is completely solved! And as always, the solution was suggested by nature itself, by creating this amazing mineral - Shungite. Shungite has become the basis for all building mixtures of the new generation, which were designed to protect human health from a number of problems that arise in modern civilization.

Many progressive medical institutions have now created unique "magnesia shungite rooms", which completely shield from all harmful radiation of the environment.


Magnesia shungite rooms are constructed by the use of modern magnesium shungite shielding mixtures in furnishing of ceiling, walls, and floors. These rooms help to harmonize the psycho-physiological condition, prevent diseases, enhance the effect of wellness treatments and protection against electromagnetic radiation of electromagnetic fields of technical equipment, magnetic storms, and geopathic zones.

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Stucco is applied to shield electromagnetic fields of radio frequency, anti-static electricity, electric fields of industrial frequency. Indispensable in solving problems of electromagnetic compatibility of technical means of protection and information processing systems, to avoid leakage of information through technical channels. Recommended for use in businesses and homes built on the geodynamic active faults.



It has been proven that this room:

  • Improves the body recovery process in the postoperative period and after childbirth;

  • Activates internal self-regulation mechanisms of the human body;

  • Relieves stress and tension;

  • Relieves the sense of fatigue;

  • Relieves headache;

  • Ensures psychological rehabilitation of the person;

  • Supports protective functions of the body;

  • Restores the metabolism functions;

  • Increases the efficiency of conventional therapy (i.e. there is a rapid recovery for a number of diseases);

  • Accelerates rehabilitation after acute poisoning, accelerates remission in case of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases - ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, etc. (conclusion of Military Medical Academy dated 02.09.2005);

  • Improves the condition of people with hypertensive disorders and emotionally labile impairments;

  • Normalizes blood pressure and cardiovascular system;

  • Improves sleep;

  • Relieves from anxiety and hyper excitability, as well as stops unusual emotional reactions;

  • Removes entirely pathogenic microbes (conclusion of children sanatorium Seagull).


Indications to health care sessions in the shungite room:


  • Stress situations impact reduction;

  • Prevention of over-strain and nervous and emotional tension;

  • Fatigue reduction;

  • Mood improvement;

  • Headache control;

  • Arterial pressure stabilization and pulse normalization;

  • Sleep improvement;

  • Overall tonus and body resistance rise;

  • Prevention of diseases associated with emotional and strenuous as well as monotonous motoric activity;

  • As a method in complex therapy of neurosis, depressed moods, diseases of vascular heart and respiratory system, gastro-intestinal tract, endocrine, allergic, supporting-motor apparatus.


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Building mixture with shungite

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