ClickCease Odor neutralizer for fridge with engraving Flower of life
  • Odor neutralizer for fridge with engraving Flower of life

Diameter: 75mm, Height: 25mm Weight: 300gr

Shungite Odor neutralizer for fridge successfully removes odors in the refrigerator, slows down the growth of bacteria, helps keep products fresh!

Shungite tableware
Eco-friendly shungite tableware is the latest sensation in the Karelian mineral collection. Trendy dishware items made of hand craft black stone preserve all its unique qualities.
Usual tap water turns into the health elixir when poured into the shungite glass. Shungite works as a natural carbon filter that absorbs toxins and heavy metal salts. The water purification process provokes intensive chemical exchange: as a result, only beneficial organic substances get into the water.
To get pure and healthy drinking water, just fill the glass and let it stand for 15-20 minutes. The original taste will absolutely change within such a short period. To make this pure and clear liquid healthful, we recommend to let this water stand from 12 hours to one day. Numerous scientific researches prove that such water has versatile curative effect:
• Less allergic manifestations;
• Better intestinal microflora;
• Inflammations and swells mitigation;
• Muscle and joint pains relief;
• Virus and catarrhal diseases treatment;
• Skin cleansing and rejuvenation;
• Immune system reinforcement;
• Chronic fatigue treatment;
• Bioenergetics balance recovery.

You can wash your face, gargle, debride all kinds of cuts and scratches and water the plants with this shungite-structured life-giving water. Just try and make sure: the regular use of this tableware has astonishing effect.
Water is not the only liquid that you can pour into shungite tableware: natural juice and home-made fruit drinks are much more useful and delicious with it. Beer in a thick-wall shungite shot glass becomes extremely soft and gets stable thick foam. Shungite glasses keep the optimum temperature of hard liquors and add pure and significant taste.
This original tableware is especially valuable as all the items are made of the shungite of Zazhoginskoye deposit that is the only place where such large elite stones are produced. Shungite bowls, mugs, shot-glasses and glasses look really massy but in fact they are surprisingly light and handy. You can buy every collection item in the unique copy or order a tableware set.

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Odor neutralizer for fridge with engraving Flower of life

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