ClickCease Shungite Face care

Shungite Face care

Facial Toner

          The tonner carefully removes makeup and dirt, effectively moisturizes, stimulates, tones,..

$11.90 $23.80

Gel for face washing moisturizing soft dermatological

       Northern chamomile and meadowsweet combined with shungite water brings an amazing effect rest..

$11.90 $23.80

Gel for face washing the rejuvenating with antioxidants

   Gel cleanser, produced on the basis of shungite water refreshes and deeply cleanses the face and ..

$11.90 $23.80

Gel For Washing

    Cedar oleoresin and birch buds on shungite water. Suitable for sensitive skin, it is recommended..

$11.90 $23.80

Gel for washing

       Hypoallergenic formula with natural prebiotic based on shungite water. The gel is recommended..

$11.50 $23.00

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