ClickCease Shungite Oriental Arachne Bracelet 8mm
  • Shungite Oriental Arachne Bracelet 8mm

 Shungite Oriental Arachne Bracelet 

Size: adjustable. Please inform us what wrist size is needed
Beads Diameter:  8 mm.

Shungite Oriental Bracelet is a specific jewelry item combining the deep wisdom of Buddhist philosophy and strong power of Karelian mineral, elegancy and beauty. You shouldn’t treat it as a usual trendy accessory as every bracelet embodies some spiritual message.


The ancient knowledge of Tibet

The monks of Tibetan stupa of Boudhanath were the first to make braided bracelets with similar pattern. The sacred knots of the curl cord interlaced with large beads helped to protect its owner from malignant demons and the vanities of the world. They believed that such talisman releases you from pains and diseases, makes you stronger to overcome all the difficulties and brings the feeling of serenity and harmony.


 The power of the live stone

 Modern trendy jewelry items are made of wooden, bone, metallic, glass and plastic beads, gems and precious stones. But it is shungite that has a perfect effect over the human energy centers and systems. It has been proven that the feeling of warmth coming from the dull black stone relates to its unique structure. This ancient carbonate mineral absorbs and neutralizes everything that can bring harm to a human being and provides the live beneficial power instead.

 Shungite  bracelets are usually worn on the wrist with its important bioactivity points connected with the nervous, respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems. That’s why the owners of this original jewelry item can boast of better psycho-emotional state, normalized blood pressure, greater stress resistance, stronger physical health and subtle body.


Talisman of luck and happiness

Both men and women wear oriental bracelets made of shungite beads irrespective of their sex and age as it has a positive effect over your thoughts, state of mind, emotions and fate. When worn on the baby’s arm, this miracle-working bracelet helps to discover the talents, develop logical thinking and creative abilities.

It has been proven that the jewelry made of Karelian mineral favors the mental concentration, protects from the external negative phenomena and blocks potentially harmful electromagnetic waves. Those who wear shungite oriental bracelets say that they managed to cope with their depression and problems as well as to bring up positive attitude to their life.

  Order this lovely and original shungite oriental bracelet and wear it every day. Let it attract good luck and protect you from any hardships!


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Shungite Oriental Arachne Bracelet 8mm

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