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"Shungite water" filter

"Shungite water" filter
( LTD Karelian horizon )

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The Shungite Water filter

     The Shungite Water filter has been designed to make shungite water with a pH of 3.0 and reduction potential of +450 to +500 mV. In terms of its compound this water is acidic.

     Shungite water can be used to treat a number of diseases. It has an antibacterial effect and can help you disinfect surfaces, killing bacteria and getting rid of mold and fungi making it a good tool when it comes to house cleaning.  Cleaning toys of your children with it ensures that they do not catch any undesired bacteria or virus. It is effectively used for wounds treatment and also releives itching and inflamation after insect bites. We recommend washing your vegetables and fruit with shungite water to keep them fresh longer. We don’t recommend drinking this water on a daily basis. It should be rather used for therapeutic purposes. To find out more about shungite water, click here.

Shungite water perfectly interacts with alkaline water too. To find out how to prepare alkaline water click here.


Making structured water

     To drink high quality water every day, use a Natural Water filter. With a Natural Water filter, you can make natural structured water.

     The filter has the following dimensions: 10 x 10 x 30 cm and it can be mounted on a regular kitchen faucet. All you need is a plumber wrench to mount it by yourself. You don’t need to install your "Shungite Water" filter into pipes or drill holes in your sink.

     For just $90 dollars you get a family doctor to help you any time you need it. Its greatest advantage is that you don’t have to spend days infusing shungite chips in water but can enjoy shungite water right after you turn on your faucet. On top of that, shungite water filters allow you to make more concentrated water.

 Each shungite water filter is supplied with:

  • A filter casing with a tap;

  • A cartridge with shungite media (3-5 mm);

  • A hose to connect the faucet with the filter casing;

  • A wrench to remove the cartridge from the filter casing.


The estimated life span is around 5000 liters. After that you can make an easy procedure to regenerate the capacity of the stones. You need to pull them out of the filter and carefully wash in acidic water (one spoonof lemon acid per 1 liter of 50 degree water). First just put the filtering stones in this water and keep it for one day. Then get the filter altogether again and use it first to clean it with intensive stream of water for 15 minutes.