ClickCease Special Set Flower of life (pyramid polished 5cm, plate 30mm and 50mm, pendant 30mm)
  • Special Set Flower of life

Pyramid polished 5cm, plate 30mm and 50mm, pendant 30mm.

How often do you have headaches? Do you feel sudden loss of strength and mood swings? If you often do, it means that electromagnetic radiation from household appliances negatively affects your biofield and suppresses your biological energyYou can use a cube-shaped piece of processed schungite to restore it.

This is not just a decorative element of your room, which will look perfectly in its center, but also a powerful protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation for you and your family.

Wholesome properties of schungite have long been knownIt is a unique natural mineral that can positively affect the processes, which people cannot affect on their own. For example, shungite water can clean the internal environment of organism, it protects biofield, neutralizes radiationUpon contact with skin, shungite products, such as amulets, earrings, beads, rosary can strengthen the immune system, can normalize blood circulation and improve the condition of nervous system. They make a person more emotionally and psychologically balanced.

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Special Set Flower of life

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