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  • Trunks of Shungite

New product helps in acute and chronic diseases of the male reproductive system.
Weight 300gr
Regular use helps to restore the lost erection and spermatogenesis.

Dear women! Make a gift for your men!

Shungite therapy is an alternative treatment method that is recognized by the official evidence-based medicine. The healing power of this Karelian mineral was discovered several centuries ago. And it's not accidentally that shungite is known as the "mineral of health". But it's only nowadays that shungite products became so popular due to the adequate scientific analysis and research.

The maximum time of the shungite therapy session is 8 hours a day. The sessions can be regular with acute pains and diseases; in other cases the breaks in use are recommended.

Nature gave us a unique chance to get rid of these problems by using the extraordinary healing effect of the Karelian mineral – shungite.

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Trunks of Shungite

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