ClickCease Whisky Stones tulikivi (soapstone)

Popular method of chilling whiskey with the help of  ice makes a drink to lose its taste properties because of the excessive dilution of water, which appears in result of inevitable ice thawing.
Soapstone (also known as steatite or soaprock) neither  thaws out nor dissolves , preserving the primeval  nature and original taste properties of your whiskey.

Ice chills whiskey too much (up to 10⁰C  instead of normal 18-20 ⁰C). Such a low temperature makes the natural oil contained in the beverage to thicken and does not enable you to take pleasure in a bouquet of its scents . Conclusion:  ice closes the original taste of whiskey.
Soapstone chills the whiskey up to the temperature optimal – 18-20 ⁰C. Thanks to the soft cooling, all sides of a rich taste and aroma can be opened out as much as possible.

Unfortunately, ice chills the whiskey for 10 minutes only. After that, the beverage becomes warm again.
Soapstone can keep beverages  warm or cold for a long time. Before using it, put the stones in the freezer compartment for 2 hours. Then, add 2-3 stones to whiskey and enjoy your beverage for 20-25 minutes. 

Ice stones made of unsound water can be injurious to your health.
Soapstone – one of some nonporous minerals which Scandinavians used for crockery production in past. It is chemically inert (namely, it does not react with water, beverages or cleansers). It does not soak up any scents or tastes and does not scratch the crockery. Whisky Stones are absolutely safe. We are ready to confirm the quality of our production by proper certificated documents.

Once bought the soapstones, you give yourself a sublime taste of whisky for a long time forward.

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Whisky Stones tulikivi (soapstone)

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