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Nelly H.

Dear Nata, Would you believe it: really the package has arrived today., so quickly----------I am very happy. Now I did not unpack it completely but already I am wearing a bracelet and hanger .I think it is beautifull. Now I am going to see the rest. Also : I am very happy that you have put my mobile tel. nr on the address . the bell is not working and that is why I usually put a note on the door with my tel nr. when I expect post. However now I did not and yet he ringed my mobile so I got the parcel at the door. Very nice and easy!!!!!!! So thank you very much and speak to you soon Love, Nelly

Wendy Mak

They look great! Thank you!


Dear Nata! I just received the order. All perfect. Perfect quality and super well protected and packed. Your team is very professional. THANKS Sincerely Mario

Ayelet (Israel)

Dear Nata!!!! the package just arrived!!!!!!! with my pyramids :):):) thankssssss im so happy have a great day dear !

Tanya Williams

I received my order today. Thank you so much. I am very happy.


Thank you! Received. LOVE IT ALL!!! THANK YOU!!!

Fredie King

Hello, I wanted to let you know that your shipment of the shungite arrived yesterday afternoon! It is beautiful and I am delighted to have received it! Thank you so much!

Antoinnette Chirinos

Hi Nata I did receive it. Everything looks great. Thank you for your help. Antoinnette Chirinos

antonio choi

Hi , I received the order. Thanks Antonio

Alex Fortus

Perfect! Thank you very much for the help, Michelle! Great Stuff! Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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