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Shungite room in Moscow!

Shungit store has opened schungite room in Moscow. This is the first room of our company in Moscow. It covers an area of 20 m2. The room is made of natural shungite. A total of more than 5 tons of schungite was spent on the creation of the room.
The room is designed for:
-     immune compromised children and adults;
-    people sensitive to geomagnetic storms;
-    people in stress, depression, emotionally distressed, suffering from insomnia;
-    patients suffering from hypertension, allergies, bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma, osteoarthritis, vegetative neurosis, cardiac diseases;
-    those who have experienced serious trauma or surgery;
-    athletes to recover after competitions and physical exertion.







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Geopathic Stress

According to some theories and legends, geopathic stress are areas on Earth’s surface with some unknown geodesic and geological phenomena having a negative effect on humans, animals and plants.


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Radiation Protection


Radiation 1
The amount of harmful radiation surrounding us keeps growing. It is everywhere. Radio and TV have been two major sources of electromagnetic radiation for a long time. Recently, however, we have been trying to make our life more comfortable by using more technology. Thus, new sources of electromagnetic radiation have entered our life, including cell phones, tablets, base station antennas, Wi-Fi routers, access points, Bluetooth adapters, microwave ovens , computers, TVs, and more.

Radiation 2


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